Lowongan Kerja PT Frisian Flag Indonesia (FFI)

KABARLOKER.ASIA — PT Frisian Flag Indonesia (FFI) adalah perusahaan nutrisi berbasis susu yang memproduksi dan mendistribusikan Frisian Flag, juga dikenal sebagai Susu Bendera. Frisian Flag Indonesia telah menyediakan nutrisi bagi keluarga Indonesia sejak tahun 1922.

Selama lebih dari 95 tahun hadir di Indonesia, Frisian Flag tetap berkomitmen untuk membantu anak-anak Indonesia mencapai potensinya melalui produk-produk dengan nutrisi terbaik yang tersedia.

Sebagai bagian dari FrieslandCampina, koperasi susu terbesar di dunia yang berkantor pusat di Belanda dengan pengalaman lebih dari 140 tahun. FFI memanfaatkan pengalaman globalnya serta kemitraan jangka panjang dengan peternak sapi perah lokal untuk terus menghadirkan kebaikan susu bagi konsumen dan membangun keluarga yang kuat.
FFI mengoperasikan fasilitas produksi di Pasar Rebo dan Ciracas di Jakarta Timur untuk portofolio produk susu cair, susu bubuk, dan susu kental manis. Merek tersebut antara lain Frisian Flag, Friso dan Omela.

Management Trainee Program

With this program, you will be a game changer and contribute to nourish Indonesia to progress.

The Frisian Flag Indonesia Management Trainee Program is the perfect way for you to #UnleashYourNature.

This comprehensive program is designed to help young talents sharpen their skills, develop expertise, and gain work experience in a highly dynamic organization.

With a wide range of opportunities to explore, you can carve out your own path to success.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Minimum GPA 3.3 out of 4.
  • Have a leading organizational experience.
  • Maximum working experience is 2 years.
  • Candidates must also demonstrate strong communication skills and a commitment to excellence.
  • Fluent in English.

1. MT – Manufacturing (Make)

As a manufacturing (make) Management Trainee, you will be working with all aspects of the manufacturing make department and coordinate with the people within it.

You will also learn about the manufacturing process, understanding the process, people, and innovation within production.

What are the requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s/Postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics/Electromechanical, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Food Technology, Biotechnology, Biology, or Chemistry.
  • Passionate about working in a factory environment and have a desire to create sustainable improvements.
  • Have analytical skills for tracking data and analyzing results.

2. MT – Sales

As a Management trainee sales, you will interact with customers and collaborate with various teams from different departments to learn and directly engage in growing the business.

In this program, you also have the opportunity to enhance and develop your skills as a leader, negotiator, and problem solver.

What are the requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in any field.
  • Passionate about the commercial field.
  • Willing to be placed in various locations across Indonesia.
  • Possess a valid SIM (driving license) C and A.

3. MT – Marketing Brand

As a Management Trainee Marketing Brand, you will have a unique and exciting experience working across departments such as sales area, sales development, brand management, and marketing services.

You will have the opportunity to enhance your skills in data-driven marketing, digital, and consumer communication.

What are the requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s/Postgraduate degree in Engineering/Science or Management, such as Civil Engineering, Economics, Industrial Engineering, Business/Administration/Management, Marketing, or equivalent.
  • Passionate about the commercial field

4. MT – Finance

As a Finance Management Trainee, you will be exposed to various functions in the finance organization and learn to become a reliable business partner.

What are the requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in any field (preferred in Economics, Accounting, Financial Management, Actuaria).
  • Passionate in working with numbers.

5. MT – Customer Supply Chain

Frisian Flag Indonesia has a really interesting and unique end-to-end supply chain! As an MT Customer Supply Chain, you will have the opportunity to learn and work in various areas of the supply chain department. This department works cross-functionally to ensure that high-quality products are delivered to consumers in a timely and efficient manner.

What are the requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s/Postgraduate degree in Engineering/Science, such as Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Logistics/Transportation, Statistics, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics.
  • Possess analytical skills for data tracking.


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